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What is the Rubato app?

The Rubato app helps a person not only manage their time, but also manage that time more efficiently.  The Executive Functioning Skills behind Time Management involve prioritizing a number of tasks to develop a schedule, tracking one’s progress and, if necessary, modifying one’s behavior to self-correct. The tracking element is especially important as it asks one to “think ahead” and preview consequences, as well as consider the benefits of delaying gratification. Nonetheless, for many people, this “visualization” of future consequences can be hard to conjure without an actual visual aide. This is where rubato comes in.

When setting priorities, rubato guides the user to determine whether each activity is required or negotiable.  A required activity is a “must do” or a “NEED,” while a negotiable activity tends to be more of a “WANT.” A negotiable activity at times may also be a “preferred” activity.  Using rubato to guide and facilitate time management, a person can be motivated to complete their required activities first in order to have time left over for their preferred activities. 

Many people struggle with getting all of their required activities done in a timely manner because they either “lose track of time” and/or “run out of time,” allocating too much of their limited time to just few activities. In addition, for some people struggling with the self-discipline required to develop their Executive Functioning Skills, a number of delay tactics in starting and completing required, non-preferred activities may come into play. 

With rubato, the user sees how delaying the completion of a required activity ultimately takes time away from preferred activities before it’s too late. As the user bumps up against initial time estimates, he/she is prompted to make a decision as to what other activity’s time will be subtracted from. In some cases, that time will have to come out of a more preferred activity.  But the reverse is true too: the quicker one starts and completes required activities, the sooner one can get to preferred activities and have more time to enjoy them!



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