apps2achieve is the collaboration between Therapist, Todd Kellogg LMFT, BCBA and Industrial Designer, Gene Ogman.

A2A was formed to create iphone and ipad apps that improve executive functioning and social skills for children. rubato, A2A's inaugural app, was devised to help teach time management by graphically portraying the apportionment of one's time and showing—in real time—how we learn to manage our time by trading time between tasks through-out the day.

Interestingly, through our testing of rubato we've learned that the rubato app isn't just for kids. If you are a meeting planner, time-keeper, collage student or homemaker and need to manage your time, rubato was made for you too.

Please click on the icon to find out more about rubato.

So—from Todd, Gene and the rubato team—stay on schedule, keep current and look for more apps from apps2achieve coming to an iPad near you.









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